How Monsanto’s “war room” targets scientists and reporters

Monsanto operated a “fusion center” to monitor and discredit journalists and activists, and targeted a reporter who wrote a critical book on the company, documents reveal. The agrochemical corporation also investigated the singer Neil Young and wrote an internal memo on his social media activity and music.

“Monsanto paid Google to promote search results for “Monsanto Glyphosate Carey Gillam” that criticized her work”


GMO cheerleader Keith Kloor

Keith Kloor is a New York City-based journalist who works at the intersection of science, culture, and politics – and shilling for Monsanto.

An in depth look at his work.

Keith Kloor’s endearing love a affair with GMOs

Keith Kloor: How a science journalist works behind the scenes with industry allied

How the EPA helped Monsanto cover up glyphosate toxicity

Newly released government email communications show a persistent effort by multiple officials within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to slow a separate federal agency’s safety review of Monsanto’s top-selling herbicide. Notably, the records demonstrate that the EPA efforts came at the behest of Monsanto, and that EPA officials were helpful enough to keep the chemical giant updated on their progress. (Posted April 16, 2019)